About Us

We stand firmly committed to offer to our clients an outstanding service, competitive price aligned with an exceptional quality and reliable delivery.

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring the industry closer to the head office of our partners making the process faster, simpler and more effective. We can quickly reply to any production queries from your team, attend fit sessions or clarify any doubt they may have.

Our Plan

From design to product development, from sourcing all the way through to production, we offer an exceptional supply chain service that delivers the best at each stage.

Our Vision

We are proud on our flexibility to reply faster to our customer’s needs, manage the complex information flow of our industry, minimising mistakes, costs and making the sealing process faster.


We are proud on our flexibility to reply faster to our customer’s needs. Offering a wide range of services - from design to production management - we manage the complex information flow of our industry. Our approach ensures we minimise mistakes, increasing speed of the production process and reduce costs.



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Production Management

On Site Quality Checking



Children's Wear

Resort Wear



Sleepwear and Loungewear

Why Wemake?


With more than two decades of experience, professionalism and creative approach, we offer an exceptional supply chain management service.

Our team will guide you through the entire development process from design, trend analysis, fabric sourcing and sealing process. We will turn your ideas into reality by delivering the perfect product, at the right price and with on time delivery.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a high level of efficiency and quality at the right prices.

Our Partners

Our technical team is located in all of our production sites working with both suppliers and clients to minimise risks and improve production output.

Ethics & Compliance

We proud ourselves for being an ethical and environmental friendly company.

Supplier standards and ethical conduct are core aspects of our business. All our partners meet international standards regarding social protection and working conditions that we continually monitor and assess throughout a collaborative approach.

We are deeply committed to protect the environment and actively contribute for sustainable trading. It’s everyone’s responsibility to manage resources, minimize waste and preserve the planet for the fututre generations. Our efforts on environmental protection and disclosure of our carbon footprint have been constant along the years.

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19 Sunlight Close, SW19 8TG, London, United Kingdom

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+44 0208 715 2554